Disco AIBO

Disco AIBO is a piece of software built using RCODE/RCodeplus by Aibo Pet that makes your AIBO dance along to songs played from your computer or stereo.

It consists of 23 songs that are recorded with a trigger tone at the beginning of them that tells the AIBO to start dancing. Some of the dances have multiple parts, for example a singer and back-up dancers doing separate routines.

You can download the software from AiboPet’s site and there are full instructions on how to install and play it there as well.

All models of AIBO are supported although some of the dances differ slightly depending on the model. but it is still quite a sight watching multiple AIBOs dancing along to the songs. Here’s a video of over a hundred AIBOs dancing to the Hokey Cokey from the Aibonation 2006 meeting: