AIBO Software – Skitter

Skitter is an application used to create custom AIBO actions (skits or performances) that are ultimately used as a part of a R-CODE personality. Skitter replaces the AIBO Master Studio Action Composer, and can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with AiboPet‘s tools. AIBO performances are composed of three elements: Aibo body motions, LEDs (eyes, tail, etc…), and either a MIDI or Wave sound file.


  • Skitter has many features, effects, and safe-guards making editing easier.
  • Create motions based on keyframes (similar interface as many movie and flash content creators/editors)
  • Playback of motions on on screen simulated 3D AIBO .
  • Visual warnings when servo movements are unsafe for AIBO .
  • Create or edit MIDI sound content.
  • Supports initializing memory sticks with Actions either through a memorystick reader, or over wireless LAN.
  • Owners with a WLAN can test actions on-the-fly at any time. (only supported for (:ers-210:)(:ers-220:) AIBO models).

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