AIBO In The Media

Over the years, AIBOs have appeared in various technology magazines around the world. Here we have a couple of articles taken from T3 and Stuff magazine. Click on the images to view the PDF files or right-click to save them.

T3 issue published in 2000 with a 3 page article including an interview with Satoshi Amagai, president of Sony’s Entertainment Robot Company
T3 magazine published in January 2001 with a test of the newly released ERS-210 where it’s referred to as a lion cub!
T3 issue from December 2002 introducing the ERS-220, a 7-page article about the new dog and some AIBO history as well
Stuff magazine article about the LM series ERS-310 Latte & Macaron
Stuff magazine’s 1 page article on the release of the ERS-220