AIBO Software

There are a number of tools available for AIBO owners to use to help get even more out of their robotic pets. They allow you to build your own custom personalities and expand on the tools already given to you by Sony.

We’ll be expanding on this list as we can, so in the meantime take a look at these few…

YART – an R-Code tool to help create personalities
Skitter – An application used to create custom AIBO actions (skits or performances) that are ultimately used as a part of a R-CODE personality.
Disco Aibo – make your AIBO the king (or queen) of the dancefloor

Please note that accepts no responsibility for software or personalities downloaded from this or other sites. Those that are hosted here have been sourced from other sites and are made available as is. Please follow any instructions closely. All programs are used at the owners’ risk.