What makes the AIBOs special is the software that drives them. As well as the official Sony AIBOware there are also a number of custom-built software programs written by AIBO enthusiasts that also enhance the AIBO experience. You will find a list of third party programs including YART and Skitter here.

Custom personalities, stand-alone programs that are downloaded onto a programmable memory stick (PMS), have been created by AIBO users over the years and we have some to download, including the Back To The Future and Reservoir Dogs personalities, here.

Please note that accepts no responsibility for software or personalities downloaded from this or other sites. Those that are hosted here have been sourced from other sites and are made available as is. Please follow any instructions closely. All programs are used at the owners’ risk.

If you need further help installing these please email us.

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  1. Just loaded the Underdog personality onto my ERS-7, and was blown away. Hoping to see more come out eventually!