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Latte & Macaron AIBOs

Part of the second generation of AIBO , the Latte and Macaron (ERS-31x series) are a pug-style AIBO. The design of them differs in every way to the previous models and were Sony’s attempt to promote them towards children. Click

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Sony AIBO Image Gallery

A miscellaneous mish-mash of Sony AIBO images, in no particular order and with no general cateogrisation!

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Sony AIBO ERS-110 Pictures

These computer generated images of the ERS-110 (or possibly ERS-111?) are taken from Sony’s site. We’re not quite sure what they were created for or why an actual AIBO wasn’t used. But anyway, you can click on each of the

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AIBO ERS-210 Images by Sony

Here’s a set of images released by Sony that were used in some of the ads for the ERS-210 model of AIBO. Click on each of the images to open them up full size (1024×768), then right-click and save.

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ERS-7 Promo Images

Here are a number of images that were released as part of the promotional material for the ERS-7 AIBO, the third and final generation of robotic dog that Sony released. These were used after the release of Mind 2 (M2).

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