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Whatever Happened To Robotic Dogs?

Aibo Techradar

Techradar recently ran a piece asking Whatever Happened to Robotic Dogs, an article that looked at the history of robotic dogs including the Sony Aibo. You can read the full article here.

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The Family Dog

Sony Aibo The Family Dog

The New York Times recently interviewed a series of owners, whose Aibos are a central part of their lives, but are slowly having to come to the fact that their dogs have a life expectancy. The video shows the plight

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Aibo Inducted Into Museum Hall Of Fame

Sony Aibo Latte & Macaron 3

Sony’s Aibo robot dogs were recently inducted into Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science “Hall of Fame”. The hall of fame is a heritage list which recognizes products that helped advance technology or had a substantial impact on the

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Aibo Owners Feel Abandoned

Sony AIbo

The Wall Street Journal ran an article a couple of months ago about the difficulty in finding technical support for ageing Aibos now that Sony has discontinued support for them. Ritsuko Kobayashi has been organizing the monthly get-togethers in Kawasaki

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Sony AIBO Funeral

Sony Aibo Funeral

Digital trends has a story on their website today about a Sony AIBO funeral that recently took place in Japan: Sony’s robotic dog, named Aibo, was launched way back in 1999 and finally discontinued in 2006, but many of the

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